6 free Alternatives To Expensive Software That Are Better

source: https://stackages.com

1. Photopea — free photoshop alternative

If you need a quick and free way to edit graphics, Photopea can be your tool. It’s a web-based editor that works like Photoshop, with the ability to work with raster and vector graphics.

2. Canva — a free adobe spark alternative

If you want to design anything from a business card to an ebook cover, you will likely be signed up for Adobe Spark. It’s free, but the downside is that it’s only a 14-day trial. After that, plans start at $9.99 per month. But why pay for it when Canva is also free and web-based?

3. creator studio- a free alternative to later.com

I know I promised you that this was a list of free alternatives, but I have to tell you about Later.com.

4. Inshot — a free alternative to final cut pro

  • You can pay $299 for Final Cut Pro, or you can download InShot- a free alternative with professional features.
  • Complete editing tool — You won’t need to download any other apps to make your videos look great, as this app has everything you need right in one place.
  • HD export — Want high-quality videos? Export your videos and photos in HD quality.

5. Davinci resolve -a free alternative of adobe premiere

If you’re really into video editing and don’t have the cash to invest in a subscription to Adobe Premiere Pro (which costs $20.99 per month), then consider DaVinci Resolve. It’s an awesome color grading and non-linear video editing application that is available for free.

6. social blade — a free alternative to Sproutsocial.

Sprout Social is a comprehensive social media management tool. Users can schedule and publish content across all their social accounts, as well as listen for trends and engage with their audience on the platforms. For businesses looking to go beyond the basics of scheduling tweets, Sprout Social is a great option — but it isn’t free. The basic plan starts at $99 per month, and that’s only if you pay annually; month-to-month, the price jumps up to $129 per month.

There’s no reason to pay for expensive software when there are so many high-quality and free alternatives out there.

You don’t have to pay for software. There are alternatives out there that offer many (if not all) of the same features and functionality, and they’re available for free. Whether or not those are apps you actually need will depend on your own creative process. A lot of these free apps do offer in-app purchases to unlock upgrades or additional features, so keep an eye out for those as you browse through this list. If nothing else, it’s worth taking a look to see if there’s anything on here that might benefit your own workflow.



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