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If you’re in the market for a premium WordPress theme, you’ll notice how expensive they seem. After spending some time searching and comparing, you’ll realize that most of the best themes range from $30 to $200. And depending on your budget that could be an important investment. If you’re like me, you’d probably rather spend money on a great experience than pay over $100 for the right tool. With that in mind, I wanted to share with you how anyone can download a premium WordPress theme for free and I will also share with you two premium themes you can download here.

Website to Download Premium WordPress Themes for Free

There are many premium WordPress themes that you can find on the internet. The only problem is, some of them cost hundreds of dollars! But don’t worry — I will show you how to download a free premium WordPress theme with just a few simple steps.

First things first, though: what exactly is a premium WordPress theme? A “premium” theme is one that has been designed and developed by professionals and can be downloaded from various sources such as ThemeForest. Some websites offer these paid templates for free download but charge a fee if you want to use them on your site (as in purchasing the license). Others will let you use them without charging anything at all! On this page, we’ll talk about how to find these types of sites where no money needs paid upfront.


ThemeForest is one of the largest stores where you can buy WordPress themes and every month they offer premium products for free download. to get this free download all you have to do is create an account on ThemeForest, login, and head to the freebies section or follow this link. You will see a list of all premium themes you can download for free. keep in mind the themes are only available free for a month so every month you can download different premium themes for free.

The only downside of downloading premium WordPress themes for free is after downloading the premium themes you won’t be able to update when a new version of the theme is released and you won’t get support from the developers as well


Another website to get a premium WordPress theme for free is After creating an account, you will be able to access hundreds of premium WordPress themes that can be downloaded for free. All you need to do is click on the tab ‘Premium Themes’ and choose whichever theme interests you most!

When Do You Really Have to Invest in a Premium WordPress Theme?

There are times when you need a premium theme like when you building a website for your brand or company then a quality premium theme is a must. Themes are the visual elements of a website, and they make up the look and feel of what people see when visiting your site.

Free premium themes you can download now

If in any case, you don’t want to sign up or create an account for the above-mentioned websites I won’t let you leave empty-handed. As gratitude for reaching this far, I will share with you some of the themes I got from ThemeForest this past couple of months and are no longer free.

Mr. Tailor

Mr. Tailor is one of the best-selling eCommerce WordPress themes on ThemeForest. It’s ideal for selling clothing, accessories, and other fashion items online. Mr. Tailor allows you to set up shop in just minutes and also has an easy-to-use theme options panel that makes it simple to customize your store as needed.

If you don’t want to create an online store, and just want to display your products in a creative and eye-catching way, then you can simply disable the store functionality in just one click. This theme offers all of the basic elements that are required for any type of website, including the ability to add a blog, portfolio or gallery section, contact form, and lots more.

Download link here

Industify — Industry WordPress Theme

Industify is a clean and modern design with a responsive layout that looks great on any device. It’s easy to customize with our front-end page builder and you can choose between more than 100 different fonts.

The live preview feature makes it easy to change all settings in real-time and see your changes instantly in the preview area. The theme also comes with many useful shortcodes that add extra functionality to your website.

Download link here

Hopefully, this article will be useful for you if you have any questions you can leave them in the comment section below.




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